Between you, your spouse and your children, your home network is awash with online activity. Each day is packed with social media updates, email compositions and online shopping excursions, ensuring that your family gets their money’s worth with regard to your monthly Internet bill. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to having such a consistently active home network: cyber security breaches. If shady characters are able to find their way onto your home network, a great deal of damage can be done in a very short span of time. Compromised passwords, bank account info and credit card numbers are just a few potential consequences of an unsecured network. However, by utilizing the following security tips, you can stop online troublemakers in their tracks.

Install Top-of-the-Line Network Security Software

No home network is truly secure without the backing of reliable security software. A good security program will work around the clock to keep unwelcome visitors off your home network and protect the devices on the network from falling victim to a wide range of viruses. When shopping around for the right security program, you can’t go wrong with the tried-and-true products from Trend Micro. With a well-earned reputation for designing user-friendly, highly effective security software, Trend Micro is a name cyber security experts equate with quality. To learn more about the company’s top-notch network security programs, pay a visit to

Frequently Update Your Security Software

Since many software developers offer free updates with their security programs, there’s no reason not to install them whenever prompted. Far too often, people neglect to install updates, telling themselves that they’ll get around to it at a later time. However, every update you fail to install represents at least one security threat to which your home network remains vulnerable. The amount of time it takes to install updates varies from program to program, but in most cases, a basic update shouldn’t eat up more than a few minutes – far less time than it takes to undo all the damage caused by security breaches.

Share Your Access Password Sparingly

One of the few downsides to password-protecting your home network is not being able to offer easy Internet access to guests. While there’s generally no harm in sharing your network’s password with close friends or family members, abstain from giving it to one-time guests, unfamiliar neighbors and repairmen. To ensure that you don’t offend any of these people, tell them that you’re having problems with your home network whenever they request your password.

In the digital age, cyber security threats lurk around every corner. If disreputable individuals manage to gain access to the sensitive information floating around your home network, the consequences can be hard-hitting and long-lasting. To prevent cybercriminals from breaching your home network, remember to put the previously discussed pointers into practice.

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